Hi, I'm Danny Gill!

When I'm not wearing a mask fighting crime, I'm spending most of my days with a six-string in my hands working as a session guitarist and guitar instructor. Many of you may be familiar with my contributions to Lick Library, as well as Guitar Interactive and FUZZ magazine. If you have a passion for guitar as I do, you're in the right place!


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As a musician, Danny has consciously split his time into three pieces: The artist, the session guitarist, and the teacher. Let's backtrack a bit...Prior to moving from his native California to Sweden in 2001, Danny taught at the prestigious Musicians Institute (GIT) in Hollywood, CA for thirteen years. During those years, he landed his first record deal with his band Hericane Alice on Atlantic records, appeared on MTV, toured the States, sharing the bill and the stage with some of the biggest names in rock during that time including, Whitesnake and Skid Row. Soon after, his next band "Medicine Wheel", recorded three albums and toured Japan. Of course, no band lasts forever (except maybe the Rolling Stones), his next project--Speak No Evil, recorded 2 albums for Universal Records, toured the States and opened some arena shows for such bands as Megadeth, Staind, and System Of A Down. To this day, he occasionally does a reunion gig with his brothers in arms, "Hericane Alice", and has also formed the "Danny Gill Band", which performs at different venues, clinics and expos, usually performing original songs and demonstrating the latest guitar gear and technology Danny uses.


Teaching as well as continually learning the guitar has been a driving force in Danny's life from the start. This has led to him writing five books published through the Hal Leonard Press: Rock Lead Basics, Rock Lead Techniques, Rock Lead Performance, Practice Trax For Guitar, and Rock Rhythm Guitar. In 2001, Danny started working with the world's biggest guitar instructional video producer's, "Lick Library" and has since produced and performed on over 100 different titles. These instructional videos range from beginner to advanced and cover many genres including, rock, blues, metal, classical, acoustic, and pop. Some of Danny's most famous video titles are: Rock Essentials, Rock Concepts, Classical Guitar Favorites, Advanced Rock Guitar, Soloing With Modes, Fretburning Blues Runs, Shredding Arpeggios, Rock Rhythm Guitar, and Slide Guitar. Danny also is a guest columnist for Guitar Interactive, and FUZZ magazine, where he shares his tips, tricks and techniques.


Working as a session musician is an extremely rewarding job, but not always so glamorous, with most sessions being in the studio recording jingles for phone companies, car dealerships, other radio/TV spots, as well as signed and unsigned artists without the world ever knowing or caring that it's your playing on the recording. Sometimes though, you will have a gig that is very memorable. Most recently, Danny has performed with Lillasyster, "Cans", featuring Joacim Cans of Hammerfall and "Lidström All-Stars", that will often back up some of the better known Swedish artists live, including Carola, Lena Philipsson, Markoolio, Elena Paparizou, Tommy Nilsson, Afro-Dite, Paulo Mendonca, etc...


With the collaboration of Mastersource Music Publishing, Danny has over one hundred songs and compositions airing on TV shows and films that he wrote, and still continues to write to this day when time permits. Some shows his music has been featured on are: The Osbournes, Insomnia, Under Siege, Days Of Our Lives, Access Hollywood, Nash Bridges, etc...- JOE PESCE


Between sessions, touring, and my work with Lick Library, I occasionally have time to take on students for private lessons. If you're interested in taking guitar lessons with me, either through Skype or in person, just send me an email in the "contact" section. In the meantime, you're welcome to these free, interactive tutorials. Enjoy!

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